Micro ATX Vs Mini ITX vs ATX Motherboards ( A Complete Comparison)

Do you know which motherboard is best for you? when you’re building a  new computer setup motherboard is the main thing to choose. You might be thinking about which motherboard is suitable for you? Whether you go for micro ATX, Mini ITX, or should you choose ATX motherboards. The motherboards are not the same, each of them varies in cost, size, and features. Mostly, the newbies struggle with the selection of motherboards as most of them don’t have any idea about the differences. Here we’ll be discussing the main difference between Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and ATX motherboards. Most important you should know the purpose while choosing the motherboards. 

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Each of the motherboards has its specific purposes so you should choose them wisely. Before moving towards the detailed comparison let’s have a look at their sizes.

Difference In Sizes

ATX vs Micro ATX vs Mini ITX size (Image credit: Perfect Tech Reviewer)

ATX: 305 x 244mm Or 12.0 x 9.6

Micro ATX: 244 x 244mm or 9.6 x 9.6

Mini ITX: 170 x 170mm Or 6.7 x 6.7

As you’ve checked the measurements of each motherboard above you might’ve noticed that the largest motherboard among them is ATX and the smallest one is Mini ITX. However, micro ATX comes in between in terms of size. If you deeply look into the ATX and Micro ATX you’d find out that both shares similar widths and have the same appearance but the only difference in them is in length. ATX is more lengthy than the micro ATX because it is equipped with a higher number of PCIe slots. By this we mean, you can easily install different PCIe cards in this motherboard. Whereas, if we talk about micro ATX then it is available at a low price and has a smaller size. Now, lets’ move towards the details of each of these motherboards and specs so that you’ll get a better idea of which one to choose.

ATX Motherboard

ATX Motherboards
ATX Motherboards (Image credit: Gigabyte)

Do you want to create a setup that supports high-end gaming? ATX motherboard is the best one for you. it is equipped with 4 RAM slots which means you can easily expand the memory as per your requirement. Every RAM slot can run 32GB RAM without any hassle. This means you’ll have huge memory to run the heavy games without lagging or slowing. However, if you’re a professional worker or a developer then 32GB RAM will not be enough for you but having 4 slots each one supporting 32GB will be suitable for you. It is obvious when running high-end games or any apps the PC becomes slower but if you’ve huge space and amazing PCIe slots then this issue will resolve. This motherboard comes with the 7 PCIe slots, is equipped with other PCIe cards, and supports the Multi-GPU too. whereas, all these features are not available in other motherboards. Overall, ATX is the best one in each category and easily supports upgraded PCs without lagging. Lastly, these motherboards are expensive yet the biggest one among all of them available in the market.


Higher amount of PCIe slots

Excellent performance

Equipped with 4 RAM slots

Superb PCIe lanes

Suitable for overclocking

Best for aesthetic and gaming purposes



Larger size

Micro ATX Motherboard

Micro ATX Motherboards
Micro ATX Motherboards (Image credit: Asrock)

Do you want to create a budget-friendly gaming setup? The Micro ATX motherboard is equipped with the same specs as ATX but there is a difference in the size and PCIe slots too. The MicroATX comes with the 4 RAM slots which mean your memory needs will get fulfilled without any hassle. One of the most amazing features of this motherboard is the price. Yes, you can get this one at a cheap price as compared to other ones available on market. This motherboard is highly consumed by gamers because it has each property that one required for gaming purposes. However, the product lacks multi-GPU properties so if you need to create a setup that contains more than one GPU then this one is not for you. Due to the small size, you can easily fit this motherboard in any casing. But due to the smaller size, the onboard features have been slightly reduced but still you can customize the motherboard as per your requirement. Although, the latest micro ATX motherboard can support dual GPU their prices are high as compared to this one. If you need a motherboard with multi-GPU then it’s better to go for the ATX than this. The motherboard is equipped with the same components as ATX so you can easily replace it with them if required.


4 RAM slots

Suitable for the budget gaming


Convenient size

Ideal for one GPU setups


Not supports the extreme overclocking

Lacks multi-GPU

Mini-ITX Motherboard

Mini ITX Motherboards
Mini ITX Motherboards (Image credit: Gigabyte)

This is the smaller motherboard in our list and perfect for the one who’s looking for buildup a portable setup. It is equipped with two RAM slots so that means you’ll be able to get only 32GB RAM in total. You can use it to create a gaming pc but it does not support high-end gaming or professional needs. It only contains a single PCIe slot which means you can run a single GPU not multiple ones. If you’re a gamer who required a PC in a smaller size and want to play the normal games then this is suitable for you. This motherboard surprised us all with the pricing already. Yes, you heard it right. You might be thinking that this one is affordable but mini ATX is more expensive than Micro-ATX. With this motherboard, you can easily build a small gaming PC. However, it’s not similar to the micro ATX and ATX.


Low power consumption

Small in size


Equipped with the latest technology

Best for the smaller cases

Satisfactory aesthetics


Expensive than micro-ATX

Lacks multi-GPU and is not suitable for high overclocking

Now you get the idea of every motherboard and are ready to build a setup. These are the three famous motherboards; choose the one that suits your needs and requirements. We understand choosing one could be hard for you but let us help you to get the right one.

For High-End Gaming PC

If you want to create a high-end gaming PC then the motherboard with multiple graphics cards will be suitable for you. Whether you want a fancy-looking motherboard or need extreme overclocking or need a motherboard with high coordination then go for this one. it is the high-end ATX motherboard then go for this one.

For Budget-Friendly Gaming PC

If you want to create a budget-friendly gaming setup then go for the micro-ATX. However, the budget-friendly gaming PC will not have a high-end impact like multiple GPU, memory, or processors. When you’re building a budget-friendly gaming PC you need to choose all three components that fall under your budget limit. When it comes to an affordable motherboard, then that means you’ll have to compromise a few features including quality or other high-end specs. By that, we do not mean that you’ll be buying the low-quality component instead the features will be less than the expensive ones. The only difference between ATX and MICRO ATX is that the ATX is equipped with higher PCIe slots, superb aesthetics, and extreme overclocking.

For Small-Form-Factor PC

Do you want to create a PC of a smaller size? Go for the smallest one. It is suitable for those who need a mobile PC or a minimalist design then mini-ITX is the best one for you. One can also choose the micro-ATX motherboard if you need a small form factor.

How to select the right motherboard?

Choosing the suitable motherboard for your PC setup could be hard especially when you’re a newbie. There are different types of PC available in the market that falls into multiple categories so let’s discuss the categories so that you’ll find the right one for you.

Gaming Computer

If you to build a gaming computer for yourself and need a motherboard for gaming purposes then we’d suggest you go for ATX and micro ATX. Among them, the micro ATX is the best one because it can easily fit in every casing and also supports each component without any hassle. Furthermore, the micro ATX can easily be upgraded to play modern-day games that need four RAM slots and 4 PCIe slots. However, you can also expand the memory to 64GB if required. 

Do you have a low budget and looking for a motherboard for gaming purposes? Micro ATX will be suitable for you as it is the most supported one in terms of components but if you’re looking for a motherboard that supports high-end gaming and VR too then go for the ATX motherboard. But to purchase an ATX motherboard you’d need a huge budget whereas micro ATX is available at an affordable price and suitable for every gaming type.


Do you want to build a setup for professional needs? Are you looking for a motherboard for developing purposes? Go for ATX motherboards then. With this motherboard, you can easily do modern-day editing as well as rendering. It comes with huge RAM and graphic memory. The motherboard is equipped with 7 PCIe slots and 4 RAM slots that meet the developer’s needs. One can easily pair it up with the 2 GPUs that provide enough visual memory suitable for every purpose and each RAM slot supports 32GB. It is quite suitable for the ones who need to use all PCIe slots. But if you don’t need 7 PCIe slots then we’d recommend you choose micro-ATX.

Desktop Computer

Do you need a motherboard that suits your daily tasks and personal use? If your budget is low and you required a motherboard solely for personal use then we’d suggest you go for the mini-ITX. Why? Because it is quite portable, equipped with all the necessary features and available at low price. The mini-ITX has a sleek design, comes with 2 RAM slots that are suitable for random low-profile games, and is equipped with one PCIe slot. If you want to build a desktop PC then it’ll be good for you. However, you can also for MICRO ATX which has all the features that one required to run different games or for professional needs.

Advantages of ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini- ATX


It is ideal for those who’re looking for a motherboard for workstations or to play high-end games. The ATX is expensive and an ideal option for games with huge expansion options. It has huge Ram and PCIe slots.


This is one of the popular units available in the market. It has all the options as ATX but is available in small sizes and can easily fit in every casing. The Micro-ATX is perfect for gaming and equipped with high-powered processors. There is a slight difference between micro ATX and ATX so you can choose one as per your requirement.


With the mini-ITX, you can save space and be available at less cost as compared to the above ones. It is lighter in weight and portable so that you can easily carry the PC anywhere without trouble. One can use this mini-ITX to build desktop computers or for minor games. Overall, the motherboard has an excellent aesthetic design that most people find appealing and purchase it for normal purposes. Mini-ITX is best for those who need a motherboard in lightweight.


We hope our post has clarified all your doubts and you might have chosen the right one for your PC. Whether you need a motherboard for gaming purposes or required it for your professional needs the above-mentioned options are best for you. The ATX software comes with tabs that allow you to switch between the tabs so the productivity in the ATX can increase too. However, with this, you can also work with three different forms. Not only in terms of productivity but also the work will be done on time.  Still, if you have any doubt you can take our guide in the comment section.

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