Best AM3+ CPU for gaming

AMD is famous for its high-quality devices and longevity. The performance of devices created by AMD is quite impressive, and the prices are affordable. The AM3+ processors have been introduced in the market 3 or 4 years before, but still, it has high demand in the world. 

If we talk precisely about the AM3+ CPU to run on the PC, then let me tell you that it is one of the best devices that could take your computer speed to the next level. The market is full of such products, but selecting the one best that suits your CPU is quite tricky. 

AMD comes up with an eight-core processor with excellent overdrive and overclocking speeds. They designed the system amazing that it could run four to six cores effortlessly. With the AM3+ processor, the CPU will not get heated and work with stability.

Are you looking for the best AM3+ CPU for Gaming? No worries, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss the 8 best AM3+ CPU for gaming in detail along with the quick shopping tips. We’ll also mention the detailed buying guide that’ll help you get the best from the rest. Let’s dig into the details:

Quick Shopping Tips

Before spending so much on the processor, you need to check a few tips that help you get the best from the rest. Let’s move towards the details:

Performance: Most users go for the processors with eight cores as it’s quite powerful. If you use computers to play movies or videos, you shouldn’t get the product with eight cores. But if you’re a gaming enthusiast, then a processor with the four core is good. However, purchasing the eight cores processor will be the best. 

Cooling: While playing heavy games, you need to check the cooling system of the CPU before making any purchase. There is no use in purchasing a product with a poor thermal system. Especially the am3+ requires high-end cooling solutions to run the games. This means you should understand the cooling requirements before selecting any processor.

Clock Speed: Clock speed means the speed at which the processor performs to bring you the best. High clock speed means better performance and vice versa. The processors have two different clock speeds, including base and boost speed. To play high-end games, you should purchase a processor with a good clock speed.

Buying Guide: Without a detailed buying guide purchasing the right product could be tough. No worries, we’ve got you covered already. Here we’ll discuss a few things that play a vital role in selecting the best AM3+ CPU for gaming. Let’s dig into the details:

Cores: A processor is equipped with multiple cores, which are essential equipment. One has to check the cores before purchasing to get the processor that supports your requirements effortlessly. Each core has enough power to do the multitasking, and all of them work together to deliver high-end performance. Four core minimum and eight-core maximum are required when it comes to gaming, but it mainly depends on the type of games you deal with. However, four or less than 4 cores are suitable for other tasks.

Threads: You might have heard about the threads that mean the number of processes that a chip deals with. Generally, the threads and cores are the same in number. However, the powerful CPUs are equipped with superb multithreading. That means a single core has two threads, so higher will be the performance. 

Cache: The cache is the memory that is utilized to boost the access of data from the computer’s hard disk or RAM anyone which is available. Due to the cache, the average time will be decreased that requires accessing the memory in detail. There are three different formats of the cache and among them, L1 is the fastest one but unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough room for storage. However, L2 is equipped with a greater storage room but is a bit slower than L1. Moreover, you’ll be getting the amazing storage at L3, but the speed will be compromised.

Motherboard: When you’re stepping out to purchase the processor, make sure to check if the motherboard supports the version you purchase or not. One has to check if the motherboard is designed to support the AM3+ CPU or not. However, all the motherboards are equipped with the CPU socket but not every socket supports all types of CPUs. Therefore, you should opt for the CPU that goes with your motherboard. Moreover, don’t forget to check the chipset that supports the CPU to get the best from the rest.

Power Source: One has to make sure if the power connection is safe or not. You must get yourself the long cables to make the connection between the power supply and motherboard. Most CPUs need high-end energy so you should provide a strong power supply.

Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming at a Glance:

  1. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
  2. AMD FX-8300 Black Edition
  3. AMD FX-8150 Black Edition
  4. AMD FX-4300 Black Edition
  5. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition
  6. AMD FX-9370 Black Edition
  7. AMD FX-9590 Black Edition
  8. AMD FX-8320E Black Edition

Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming You Can Buy Today

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

Best Value AM3+ CPU


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX/Desktop processor | Boost clock: 4.2GHz | Memory: DDR3/1866MHz | CPU cores: 8 | Wattage: 125W


Good performance

Excellent clock speed

Amazing security

Multicore optimized software

Powered by AMD overdrive technology


High power consumption as compared to intel

First, on the list of best AM3 + CPUs for gaming is AMD FX-8350 Black Edition. This product is equipped with multitasking abilities and equipped with unmatched specifications. The device comes with the AMD FX 8 core processor and excellent overclocking speeds, providing you the ultimate pleasure while playing your favorite games. 

This is the overall best product with the AM3+ socket type, and the processor speed is 4.0/4.2GHz. Due to the faster clock speed that comes with the AMD turbo core technology, the device’s performance will be up to the mark. 

Don’t worry about running the heavy apps, as the product has special capabilities that allow the apps to work smoothly without any lagging issues. This eight-core processor is an all-rounder, and you can expect a high-end performance from this product when it is overclocked to 4.2GHz. 

Although this item is not mainly built for gaming, you can still run any game of your choice by using this processor effortlessly. Those who need to deal with video editing or 3D designing tasks can also go for this incredible product. It has a better pre-core performance and can balance the cache up to 8MB.

Moreover, the item has a floating-point accelerator embedded with the 128bit floating points combined with the 256it AVX that works amazingly to run each body separately. The product does not disappoint us as the device contains a 1866MHz frequency that allows you to run the system even at 1.35 or 1.2V, which is pretty low. 

Furthermore, the processor has a bandwidth of 29.9GBs, which is good enough to boost the abilities. Those gamers who want the maximum rates while doing any professional work or gaming should consider this due to the better overclocking speed and amazing performance. Lastly, the item also provides you with the utmost security and protection on DMA transfer.

AMD FX-8300 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-8300 Black Edition

Best Flagship AM3+ CPU


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD/3.2GHz/AM3+ | Boost clock: 4.2GHz | Memory: DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU cores: 8 | Wattage: 95W


Good working speed

Superb thermal designs

Affordable eight cores CPU

Impressive performance

Safe to use at high speeds


Not suitable for heavy loads

AMD FX-8300 Black Edition is one of the best flagship AM3+ CPU for gaming, equipped with eight cores processors, and has a dynamic performance. The device is equipped with built-in designs that boost speed yet performance. Due to the multiscaling processor, you can run the heavy apps on this processor without dripping. 

Like other basic processors with superb overclocking speeds, this one also has a virtual configuration at each core. Most of the users call this item an aggressive processor. Do you know why? Because you can perform multiple tasks without being worried about the error as the processor does each task with great precision yet accuracy. 

The item is based on the 32-nanometer die shrink, which provides better work efficiency. With the modern thermal designs and increased clock rate, you don’t need to worry about the performance of the CPU as the temperature will not affect the working abilities. The two basic things required to run the games or do high-end work are the processor’s overclocking and working abilities. 

Gladly, this CPU fulfills each requirement as it works perfectly at high speeds without any damage issues. Those who’re looking for an affordable processor can consider this one. Lastly, while working with this CPU, you’ll not need to go for any upgrades that cost you a lot while running any new setup. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing processor with better specifications.

AMD FX-8150 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-8150 Black Edition

Best Performance AM3+ CPU


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX Quad-core vishera processor | Boost clock: 4.4GHz | Memory: DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU cores: 4 | Wattage: 125W


Stable performance

Multithreading performance

Easy to use with other components

Decent memory clocks

Superb architecture


BIOS is not up to the mark

Do you have a budget-friendly yet best AMD 3+ CPU for gaming? This one is for you then. This is another black edition that comes with a 4.2GHz processor. It has an AM3+ socket which shows great compatibility with the processor and allows it to perform each task efficiently. Higher the clock speed more amazing will be the performance, and smoothly tasks can be done. Right? 

The item has 32nm processors and has already passed different tests to prove its high performance. It has 125W TDP, which holds a great CPU cooler that works hard to maintain the temperature while doing high-end tasks. 

Whether you’re using it for regular work or want to play the heavy game, the item will never disappoint you. It works as smooth as a creamy cake due to its high overclocking speeds. Those who require a CPU with an impressive architect, stable performance, and decent memory clocks can consider this one.

Moreover, the CPU comes with all the specs that one looks for while purchasing a device specifically for gaming. If you want to make an investment worth every penny, go for this one. This processor is quite a good yet efficient one while playing the most demanding games. You can easily play the games like GTA V or Witcher 3 on it without any hiccups. One can expect high-end performance from this budget-friendly product compared to other FX items available in the market.

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition

Best overall AM3+ CPU


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Boost clock: 4.0GHz | Memory: DDR4/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU cores: 4 | Wattage: 95W


Sturdy buildup

Easy installation

Amazing cooling system

Next-generation architecture

Good straight speeds 4.2GHz


Performance is not up to the mark

Fourth on our list is AMD FX-4300 Black Edition, equipped with a four-core processor. This is another black edition CPU based on the charming architecture and equipped with the next generation processing level. It has excellent resolutions, and the processor works at 24% better frame rates to run the games effortlessly. 

To provide the user with soft yet efficient music, you’ll enjoy faster audio encoding. Furthermore, the product offers aggressive cooling solutions while working at 5Hz speeds, which is impressive. You don’t need to worry about heating issues while running the heavy games as the item already provides you with good cooling solutions. 

The quad-core processor comes with 3.80Ghz speeds and has an AM3+ socket. It offers a 4MBm cache at the speed of 4GHz. The processor has already passed so many tests and proves to be the best for any game of your choice.

Moreover, the CPU has a dual-module and next-level speed. It offers great alternatives to i3 and Pentiums, which are also available at the same rate. The product has a high IPC and works amazingly at multitasking. When it comes to installation, the processor will not disappoint you. It takes only a few minutes to install this setup without any trouble.

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition
AMD FX-6300 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition

Best Mid-range AM3+ CPU


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Boost clock: 3.8GHz | Memory: DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU cores: 6 | Wattage: 95W


Smooth performance

Excellent buildup

Good price

Stays cool

Low noise


Not so quick like intel

The AMD FX-6300 black edition with the unlocked clock multiplier to get powerful overclocking. It is created with configurable power and has an excellent performance level. The product is based on AMD overdrive software that boosts performance. Don’t worry about the unnecessary noise that most occurs in the CPU while running heavy games because this product has quiet operations. It is a reliable processor for daily work and gaming PC. 

The processor undoubtedly has the best system to run any game of your choice without any hassle. It is equipped with premium quality parts and performs well with different brands like HP, Samsung, Microsoft or sony, etc. This processor is created from the company’s 8th generation x 86 CPU architecture, mainly made from 40 years of silicon crafting experience and embedded with the 3.5/4.1GHz frequency level.

Moreover, with the six core technology, the performance of this product will be exceptional for sure. Due to the different functional hype abilities, you’ll notice a great change in the performance level and high speed. When a product is a complete package itself, the item becomes a need for you. 

It has high-end construction and superb cache data of 8MBs, which is good enough to allow the processor to work smoothly. The power wattage of this processor is highly impressive, that is 95W. Overall, the product has a good frequency, efficient system, and great memory booster, making it the best of the rest. It supports AES, has AMD virtualization, and the max temperature endured by this product is 70.50C.

AMD FX-9370 Black Edition
AMD FX-9370 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-9370 Black Edition

Best Choice am3+ CPU


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Boost clock: 4.7GHz | Memory: DDR3/SDRAM/1866MHz | CPU cores: 8 | Wattage: 220W


Based on AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology

Emphatic performance

Ultra-high resolution

Maximum computing for high workloads

Excellent boost clock speed


No heatsink fan

Sixth on our list is AMD FX-9370 Black Edition, one of the most vibrant processors with a unique design. It has emphatic performance embedded with high-resolution experiences. The product is based on AMD Eyefinity technology. These processors have high core demand, delivering impressive gaming levels with superb performance. 

Due to the presence of 8 cores, the device will have smooth performance. That’s why this processor has high demand in the market. The CPU is based on the AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology, which plays a major role in the high-end performance of this processor to a certain level. 

It allows the computer to work efficiently through intensive workloads. That’s why professionals love to have this. The item has a 4.7GHz max turbo with a 4.4 GHz CPU base. It has broad 8MB/8MB cache data that allows the system to run smoothly yet efficiently. 

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or a professional looking for a well-balanced processor, this one will surely fulfill your requirements by all means. This is undoubtedly an essential component for the gaming motherboards and works superbly in collaboration with the graphic cards of your PC.

AMD FX-9590 Black Edition
AMD FX-9590 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-9590 Black Edition

Best Premium AMD3+ CPU


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Boost clock: 4.7GHz | Memory: 8/8mb | CPU cores: 8 | Wattage: 220W



Good for running intensive applications

Amazing for gaming and video editing

Ultra-high resolution

High performance


The cooling system is not good

The second last product we have on our list is AMD FX-9590 Black Edition. When the model was released, it was considered the flagship FX model. It has eight cores and eight threads that allow the processor to have the emphatic performance required by the gamers. The product has ultra-high resolution equipped with AMD Eyefinity technology. 

Due to the eight cores, you’ll enjoy the new levels of gaming and has superb multimedia performance, which desktop enthusiasts require. The processor features 3.0 technology to deal with the most intensive workloads. You’ll require a motherboard that easily supports 220W processors to run this product. If you’re a designer, this product will work well for you. As the cores of this product are unlocked, that’s why overclocking will be easy for you. 

This CPU is faster than the other items available at this price range. When it comes to speed, this item is blazing fast. It has 4.7GHz speed and can boost to 5.0GHz. Due to the powerful eight cores, it’ll satisfy your PC needs, and you’ll be easily doing multitasking on this. 

It has extremely efficient yet high-end performance. This CPU allows you to enjoy your favorite games in ultra-high resolution due to the AMD Eyefinity technology. It will never create any trouble while dealing with the heavier workload. Instead, you’ll be easily doing the intensive task effortlessly.

AMD FX-8320E Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-8320E Black Edition

Best AM3+ CPU for gaming


Brand: AMD | Processor: AMD FX processor | Boost clock: 4.5GHz | Memory: 16mb | CPU cores: 8 | Wattage: 95W


Amazing cooling system

Satisfactory performance

Low power consumption

Good memory

Faster audio encoding


No support for USB 3.0

The final product on our list is AMD FX-8320E Black Edition, equipped with amazing features. While running the processors for years energy efficiency or power consumption is the main problem many users face as most of the processors consume a lot of energy. No worries, AMD has a solution for you. AMD FX 8320E Black Edition is one of the Best AM3+ CPU For Gaming with low power consumption as the E in this product name stood for energy already. 

However, the base clock speed of this product is 3.2GHz, while the boost clock speed is 4GHz. Though the wattage requirement for this product came down to 95W, which is a great decrease, we chose this processor is eight cores. The best thing is that you can get eight cores at such an affordable price that is very rare to find. 

It supports dual-channel DDR3 RAM, and same like the other products, this one is also overclocking friendly. One can boost up the speed to 4.5FHz, which is quite amazing. This product is based on the next-generation architecture that takes the processor performance to the next level. Due to the stunning resolutions, the product allows you to play demanding games at better frame rates. Furthermore, you can enjoy playing high-end music with faster audio encoding. It is equipped with a heat sink, fan, and superb thermal design to keep the processor cool while dealing with heavy games.


Above, we’ve mentioned the 8 best AM3+ CPUs for gaming in detail. At first, glance, investing in the am3+ processors isn’t a bad idea, right? As the prices of this processor are affordable, the performance is amazing and the specifications are up to the mark. 

However, as every item has its downsides, the processors also have cons including heating issues or high power consumption. If you’re someone who is upgrading your PC to play heavy games or building the PC for games, then we’d recommend you go for the processor that boosts your system’s performance. Get yourself the one that goes with your requirements and budget. Best of luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the fastest AM3+ processor?

From the above-mentioned devices, AMD FX 8350 Black Edition is the fastest one. It is a super-fast CPU equipped with an 8 core processor and can easily run in an AMD overdrive system. The product has a 4.0 to 4.2GHz overclock speed which is not so high but still meets the standard requirements of the user.

Do the ryzen processors compatible with the AM3+ socket?

Well, not all the ryzen processors use AM3+ sockets nor they are compatible with the motherboard that features an am3+ socket. However, ryzen can be fit in the new socket am4 as the ryzen does not work with the old or previous sockets.

Which CPUs show compatibility with am3+?

A CPU shows great compatibility with am3+ if it has high cores, threads, and superb clock speeds too. Without the high-end cores, compatibility isn’t possible. If you’re looking for a highly compatible CPU from the above-mentioned products, then we’d suggest you go for AMD FX-6300 black edition equipped with high scores and works efficiently at such reasonable rates.

Which is the best am3+ motherboard?

with high quality and superb performance to meet the needs. If you ask for the best motherboard, then we’ve chosen a one named Gigabyte 78LMT for you that would work perfectly with the processor including the AMD FX-9370 black edition.

Will overclocking boost the gaming performance?

Yes, overclocking boosts the clock speeds that boost the gaming performance. However, the gamers mostly do not like to overclock their systems because it could affect their performance. Although, overclocking isn’t so important for gaming one can skip it too. Moreover, if you only need am3+ for gaming purposes then make sure to get the one with the good clock speed.

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